ecotech marine vortech battery backup manual

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ecotech marine vortech battery backup manual

Delivery times may vary depending on the manufacturer's location and the orders final destination. In most cases, orders are placed with the distributor within 2 business days of receiving the order and delivery can be expected within approximately 1 to 2 weeks. Expedited shipping methods are unavailable for drop shipped items. Ordered one too many. We've got your back. Over 60 days? Still no problem. We'll issue your refund in the form of store credit, which you can use like cash on our website. We can help. We’ll issue your refund to the original form of payment minus a small 10% restocking and handling fee. Open Box Returns If you have Ecotech Vortech pumps you will get a lot of value out of the Ecotech Battery Backup module. It is one of the easiest battery backup solutions on the market, and once you piece together another battery backup configuration there is a ton of value in the Ecotech line and their battery backup The VorTech Battery Backup is reef tank insurance in an aluminum housing. By adding the VorTech Battery Backup, your tank is insulated from power interruptions for up to 36 hours with the MP40w and up to 72 hours with the MP10 and MP20. The Battery Back-up is now compatible with the Ecotech Vectra Return Pump too (booster cable required). Specifications Please Sign in or create an account. Troubleshooting. Protect the pump from water. Break-in. The VorTech’s motor housing andNOT covered in the VorTech’s warranty. Protect these components from splashesMaintenance. Wear of the drive shaft. The VorTech pump features a wearThis part is designed with a specialThe VorTech pump is engineered to adaptDuring the firstDriver Error Codes. Over. Temp. Condition. Stall. Over Temperature Condition. In the event of a motor overheating, theOnce the motorStall Condition. In the event of a motor stall, the pump mayNormal. Oxidized. The wet magnet and drive shaft shouldCleaning your VorTech. Miscellaneous Error. This error could be attributed to aFCC Warnings.

Operation is subject to the following twoChanges or modifications not expresslyWireless Wave Driver. The VorTech may need thorough cleaningThis can beOR visit our forum at www.ReefCentral.comSales inquiries please contact:Instruction Manual. MP40wSlave Modes. Sync Mode. When a slave pump is entered into sync mode, it will replicate exactly what the masterAnti-Sync Mode. When a slave pump is entered into Anti-Sync Mode, it will inversely replicate the masterIn constant speed mode, the anti-sync pumps will operate at theTo remove the nozzle from the wet-frame, remove the entireGently but firmly press down on the nozzleThe nozzle shouldIt may then be cleaned of anySpecifications and Operating Parameters. Maximum Motor Temp: 50-60 degrees C. Before you start. Preparation. Once you have chosen the location where you wish to install your VorTech pump, cleanNotes on placement. The VorTech creates over 3,000 gallons per hour of low velocity flow within your aquarium. Take care to place the VorTech in a suitable location where corals are not directly in theAdjust the pin spacer. The VorTech pump is designed to operate with a constantThe pin spacer isThen align the VorTech’sIMPORTANT: When adjusting the pin spacer, be sure not to bend the pins as they areVorTech. Bent pins WILL NOT be covered under warranty. Programming Multiple Pumps. A pump group consists of one master pump and at least one slave pump. There can onlyStep 1: Clear Driver Memory. The internal memory of each unit must bePump. Resets. Step 2: Enter Configuration Mode. All pumps in a group must then be set into configuration modeThis configurationStep 3: Assign the MasterStep 4: Assign the SlavesSet the master pump by pressing the mode button. The LED willSet all the slave pumps by pressing the set button on each driver. The LED will then blink blue and yellow. Step 5: Cycle the Power. Pull the power cord from the driver box to reset each pump. TheyAlternatively,Step 6: Program Subsequent Groups. Cycle. Power.

Now that the first group is programmed, repeat steps 1-5 on then next group of pumps ifNOTE: The subsequent pump groups must be programmed near the original group. ForYour VorTech Wireless Wave Driver. The VorTech utilizes very powerful magnets and can cause severe personal injury. NEVER connect the two halves of this device without a proper spacer in-between. NEVER place either half of this device near magnetically attractive surfaces or sensitiveThe motor and driver can become HOT. Be cautious around these surfaces. Never run the pump dry as the heat buildup may cause damage to your components. Attach the VorTech. Attach the motor assembly. Apply the rubber gasket at the chosen location for the VorTechApply the cord mounting tab approximately 2” above this location. Make sure the glass is clean and free of any grease orPlace the VorTech motor, with or without the pin spacer attached, upon the black gasket, and secure the cord to theThe cord must be positioned pointing upwards so that if the. VorTech were to fall off the aquarium, it does not swing andWhen operating, make sure the gasketThe wireless wave driver has seven different modes ofThere are two buttons and one dial on your driver. Use the mode button to switch between the differentOperational Modes. Mode. Constant. Speed. Random. Backup. Attach the propeller housing. Place this into the aquarium, making sure to allow ALL air toCarefully connect both halves of the pump together and visuallyProtect the Pump From falling. Due to the nature of the magnetically coupled design, it is possible for the VorTech toThe cord should beAlign the VorTech. Turn the speed up to the maximum speed by using thePlug the power supply into the driver. If vibration orAfter alignment has been ensured, turn the speedImportant: If the VorTech is not properly aligned, a strong vibration will be heard. If theGeneral Operational Modes. Speed Mode. Set. PulseSync. PulseAnti?Sync. White.

When a pump is in constant speed mode, the dial is used to set the operational speed. IfReef-Crest Random Mode. When a pump is in Reef-Crest Random Mode, the dial is used to set the maximumResets)) environment. If this pump is a master pump, theLagoonal Random Mode. When a pump is in Lagoonal Random Mode, the dial is used to set the maximumIf this pump is a master, the associatedPulse Mode. When a pump is first entered into Pulse Mode, you must set the maximum pump speedWhen the desired speed is achieved, press the Set button to lockThis blinking LED represents the pulsingFeed Mode. To enter Feed Mode, press and hold the mode button for three seconds. The LED willRegardless of your system’sThe pumps will spin very slowly for ten minutes and thenBattery Backup Mode. When a battery backup accessory is added to the VorTech pump the pump willThe pumps will runPDF Version: 1.4. Linearized: No. Tagged PDF: Yes. XMP Toolkit: Adobe XMP Core 4.0-c006 1.236519, Wed Jun 14 2006 08:31:24. Instance ID: uuid:0c60751f-cec4-9845-9d01-c02d560cbfa1. Document ID: adobe:docid:indd:1b1fea24-0085-11dc-8e5c-fadf57fb1173. Rendition Class: proof:pdf. Derived From Instance ID: 1b1fea23-0085-11dc-8e5c-fadf57fb1173. Derived From Document ID: adobe:docid:indd:ff14c02d-b107-11db-a978-cbd51a797e6a. Manifest Link Form: ReferenceStream, ReferenceStream, ReferenceStream, ReferenceStream, ReferenceStream, ReferenceStream. Manifest Placed X Resolution: 72.00, 72.00, 72.00, 72.00, 200.00, 72.00. Manifest Placed Y Resolution: 72.00, 72.00, 72.00, 72.00, 200.00, 72.00. Manifest Placed Resolution Unit: Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches, Inches. Manifest Reference Document ID: uuid:7158261B05AB11DAA851A6D94DC9215C, uuid:6d007922-2390-11da-92f1-000a959cbdb4, uuid:51583291-5c7a-11dc-945b-0017f2c24efd, uuid:3A0DB2B4CDA011DBA35DB0CD66DCB386, uuid:9B503752C41311DAB9B0AA0BE8CCEB85, uuid:8dc7e0b5-2a7b-4e60-9741-f44d630f4f4a. Create Date: 2007:09:12 17:34:47-04:00. Modify Date: 2007:09:12 17:34:52-04:00.

Metadata Date: 2007:09:12 17:34:52-04:00. Creator Tool: Adobe InDesign CS3 (5.0). Thumbnail Format: JPEG. Thumbnail Width: 256. Thumbnail Height: 256. Thumbnail Image: (Binary data 11390 bytes, use -b option to extract). Producer: Adobe PDF Library 8.0. Trapped: False. Page Count: 3. Creator: Adobe InDesign CS3 (5.0). We understand that tracking can feel intrusive at times, so you can simply close this window and we'll leave you on your way. You can find out more here. Get the best equipment Shop Now Please ensure you include a valid URL. You will receive a notification via email within 48 hours to let you know if your price match has been accepted. Terms and Conditions apply, click here to view. In the event of a power outage, is your tank protected. By adding the EcoTech Marine VorTech Battery Backup, your tank’s flow will continue unaltered for up to 60 hours after the power goes out (30 hours for two pumps). Add a second battery backup to double the run time. You will only pay one delivery charge for your order and this will be calculated on your entire basket after you have entered your delivery address. If for any reason your products are not deliverable to your chosen delivery address, the checkout will inform you of this before your order is submitted. If an order is dispatched directly from a manufacturer then you may have a different courier delivering your order. Full tracking details for all orders sent by DPD will be provided when your order is shipped. Any order sent from our suppliers, or with DPD will only be delivered Monday - Friday. An order confirmation email is not the acceptance of an order by us. If you have specified another recipient (who is not you) for delivery purposes, then you accept that evidence of a signature by the said recipient (or another appointed person) at your delivery address is evidence of delivery and fulfilment by DPD and this accepts the transfer of responsibility to yourself. Your personal details are safe with us.

Please note your details will be added to our Recommend platform to allow us to tailor product recommendations to your specific interests. For more info about how your email will be used, read our Privacy Policy here. Simply add in your email address below and we'll do the rest. Have you been the victim to a power outage while away on vacation and you have come home to a stinky, dead aquarium? This made very, very nervous and after that, I got a backup system and this is the article about my research and findings. Battery backup and electrical generator systems help prolong the onset of these issues harming your livestock by keeping some of the life support systems working. It works awesome! The water in the aquarium can only hold so much dissolved oxygen and if it is not resupplied the animals within it can rapidly consume all the oxygen from the water. Algae is a plant that when it dies it can decay rapidly. This decay will cause the bacteria in your aquarium to multiply because there is an abundance of food. Yep, even bacteria need oxygen to survive. As your fish are still living, so is their metabolism, which means they still go to the bathroom. As these bacteria begin to die because of the lack of oxygen, the ability of your aquarium to manage ammonia decreases. This then causes the ammonia to rise. Small water changes every 6 hours. Be sure to match the temperature to the aquarium’s current temp. Use the water change to slightly bring the temperature closer back to normal. Small Steps!! Other methods must be used. Be careful to check your salinity for evaporation and rapidly adding warm water to an aquarium can kill coral instantly. You will drop your salinity! To help minimize this we need to get oxygen back into the water and there are two ways to do this: With wavemakers and powerheads to agitate the water surface to enable oxygen to be absorbed and nitrogen and carbon dioxide to be expelled. The units that convert this are called Inverters.

Your pumps, lights and all equipment that plugs into the wall are AC. A battery of any kind only supplies DC so when the system converts DC to AC, a lot of the stored power is lost to the conversion process. This is electrical fundamentals and nothing we can do about it so you have to be aware. This is the way the electrical current flows from the unit. Nice and smooth and uniform. This allows motors especially to run properly. You may find your pumps squeal and your equipment does not work correctly when plugged into a cheaper inverter. The more steps, the closer the waveform is to being smooth.This helps running them in power outages far more efficient and easy! The unit plugs into the wall and you then plug in the equipment you want it to run when the power is out. Having a computer suddenly shut off can create really annoying problems when you go to turn it back on! UPS systems are notorious for the batteries suddenly losing their capacity over the years and if you are not careful it could only run for 10 minutes when you next need it! Just add in the total watts of the equipment you wish to run and for how long. You can find some of the most popular UPS systems used by fellow aquarists HERE at The EcoTech Battery is designed for use exclusively with EcoTech’s range of Vortech Wavemakers and Vectra Return Pumps. Great for when you are away from your home or sleeping! Many people are now buying these to run one for the wavemakers and one for the return pump. If you wish to find out more information as to why this is such a popular and easy add-on for those aquarists who already own EcoTech products Click Here to view it at Marine Depot. Pretty much every 12-24VDC controlled pump on the market can be plugged into this system to allow your aquarium water to stay in motion during a power outage. If you are only running 2x 5Watt Koralia pumps like in the example above your battery will last much, much longer!

It will automatically charge and switch on when the power goes out. These features make this a great system no matter what pumps you have. Any pump that plugs directly into the wall is an AC powered pump and will not work with this system. To see why myself and so many others like it please feel free to check it out Here at Marine Depot. If you place the airstone at the sandbed they will also create a small rising current via the bubbles moving to the surface. These air pumps are great for not only power outages but anytime you are moving livestock away from the main aquarium. Multiple air pumps can be run on the same aquarium if the tank is large. The major downside to them is that if you are not home when the power goes out these air pumps are useless sitting in the aquarium stand. You have to manually turn them on, even if you have the airstones permanently sat at the back of the aquarium ready to go. You can find the popular Marina Airpump Here at Marine Depot. The Automatic pump plugs into the wall to monitor the power. Once it senses the loss of power it automatically turns on and starts creating bubbles. You can find out more information and see why it has such good reviews Here at It only needs to run for seconds to test it. Ensure your air pump is placed higher than the aquarium to prevent back siphoning of the water when it is off. Install a drip loop in the electrical cord to prevent electrocution and fire hazards. If the pump has not been used after 6 months, I recommend you pull the plug and run it fully until the batteries go flat to test its run time and ensure no parts are sticking. When doing your test run, pull your airstones out of the water. Bubbles being pushed around by the wavemakers are not good for fish or coral. Keep multiple spare sets of batteries close-by for easy change out. If your pump has run during a power outage ALWAYS replace the batteries with fresh.

Next time you could be away for the weekend and need the full capacity of new batteries to keep your fish alive. Change your airstones every 6 months when testing your pump. They can break down over time and disintegrate. You can find the Limewood Air Diffusers HERE at Marine Depot The Safety Connector from Tunze is an adapter that allows you to connect a 12-24VDC battery to it and power any Tunze Turbelle Stream Controllable Powerhead or Tunze Wavebox during a power outage. Here is the typical wiring diagram: You can easily add in a second battery in parallel to do this as shown in the diagram. The answer is very similar to the above system, except you swap out the Tunze Safety Connector for an Inverter. For this type of system to work properly you need to pick an inverter with the following characteristics: Always seek professional advice or installation when attempting to install a system like this. accepts no liability for your actions. This stuff hurts if you get it wrong! Any longer than that and you are going to need at least one of the solutions above to keep your tank alive. The more wattage a device pulls, the sooner your battery power will run out. The Controllable DC pumps from Ecotech and Reef Octopus are your best option if you wish to easily add them to your battery backup system. By the time you need to run lights for your corals, you will probably have been on a generator-powered system for a while. Another way you could get light to your aquarium is by reflecting light from a window with a large mirror towards your tank. Even this small amount will help your coral. Fish do not require light to survive. Again, if you have a DC powered skimmer you could hook up both your return pump and your protein skimmer to one backup system so they work together. Running at several hundred watts they can really drain a battery quick.

Most of the time they click on and off and only run for a set amount of time per hour, but if your home is cold for example, because the furnace has stopped, then your heater will be constantly on. But if you wanted to run more items, how long would they last? If you change out the battery to 100Ah: Happy Wife, Happy Life remember. If your partner is cold but your fish are alive then I can see some arguments starting ?? This is a decision that every aquarium owner is faced with every time they wish. Continue Reading Continue Reading My journey began, like many others, with the introduction of two goldfish and a small aquarium. I was hooked! It took me years of searching to help find all the best information to help me become successful with a Saltwater Aquarium. This site is designed to put all that helpful information in one easy-to-find place. By advertising and linking to these websites is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies and it helps to pay for the running costs of this website. Connect power supply to Battery Backup. Connect pump to Battery Backup. For additional information about your Battery Backup, please visit us at Page 2 Setup Scenarios Testing TWO VORTECH PUMPS, ONE BATTERY BACKUP You may run two VorTech pumps off one Battery Backup, but doing so will reduce the total run-time for each pump by approximately one-half. We recommend testing your Battery Backup in action once every month. 1 2 Unplug both the Battery Backup and the VorTech pump from the electrical outlet. The power indicator on your VorTech EcoSmart controller will show the amount of charge remaining in the Battery Backup. This means providing the best possible home environment even when things don’t go our way. One of the main obstacles every hobbyist faces is how to prepare for the time when electricity is lost. How do we ensure that our aquariums have proper flow in the event of a power outage.

Extreme weather can strike at anytime and we can’t always predict the outcome. In as little as 4 hours of no flow within an aquarium, oxygen can drastically drop to critical levels causing great stress and even the death of our beloved fish and corals. If electricity is lost, the pump will automatically draw power from the backup battery and keep the water in our aquariums moving. You can even retain full system circulation during a power outage by connecting your variable speed return pump to a couple of linked battery backups. If you need more time, add a second battery backup to double the run time! Every time the unit is cycled, the life of the battery and its capacity is reduced. The more times a pump needs to draw power from the battery, the shorter the life of the battery will be. If needed locate the pump adapter that fits your pumps power cable. Connect pump’s power supply to A on the installation Y cable. Connect battery charger into Battery Backup INPUT CHARGER. Plug battery charger and pump power supply into electrical outlet. The IceCap battery comes equipped with two power outputs that allow you to run two different pumps from the same battery. Please do remember that by doing so it will reduce the total run-time for each pump by approximately one-half. This feature comes in handy when you may need to be away from the tank for an extended amount of time. A great example is an office tank and you are away from it every weekend. Having two batteries ensures that if power goes out during the weekend, the tank will have enough flow to last until you get back into the office on Monday morning. You can connect multiple IceCap Battery Backups together to double the running time. Slidell, LA 70458 We take your privacy very seriously — your information is NEVER shared. In the event of a power outage, is your tank protected.

By adding the an EcoTech Marine Battery Backup, your tank’s flow will continue unaltered for up to 60 hours after the power goes out (30 hours for two pumps). Add a second battery backup to double the run time. Limited Time the R2R Partner Membership is NOW OPEN. Get some cool swagFor a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. NoneI've only ever needed it once and I can't even remember if it worked then. The power went out this morning and nothing. I am the first to admit that I haven't discharged it in test mode as the manual suggests so my bad for sure. I guess the whole thing is dead. Bummer since I need it working right now. Our power goes out very infrequently but the point of when it does I need the unit to work. Arrrrrggggg. Tested it this morning and it is dead as well. Never again! Within an hour it was back to green, meaning it was completely charged or at least charged somewhat. I unplugged the vortech from the wall out let and the battery backup took over and the vortech functioned on low speed as it should, the battery was still plugged into a different outlet that was working. The light continued to be green showing the battery as having full charge or at least some amount of charge. When I unplug both the vortech and the battery backup from the wall outlet to see what the level of charge is there is nothing, no power to the vortech controller. So I went out and threw the breaker to the main tank to just see what would happen as if a power outage was going on. I get nothing. This leads me to believe that the battery is actually not charged.Whatever is going on it is not good as the battery is not backing up my vortech when needed, a real power outage. Frustrated!!! Within an hour it was back to green, meaning it was completely charged or at least charged somewhat. Frustrated!!!What is a good one ?

That's what I did Sucks, but it happens when it doesn't go through regular discharge cycles. I never said it was a cheap solution I’m glad you guys are confirming what it thought was going to happen with these. I already have my back up battery and charger. It’s not pretty but better long term results and safer. Contact us today to start your advertisement. Advertise today.